Alex Newsletter: Apples vs Potatoes, Digital Immune System, and Capoeira Philosophy

Happy Tuesday!

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Here are seven essays I wrote recently. On life, habits, learning, and mastery.

Fresh post

On taking courses and flying an airplane. Online education gained a second wind during the COVID-19 pandemic. With many people confined to their homes for months, some chose to make the most of this time by enrolling in courses. When I take a course or workshop, whether online or offline, I love to remind myself (and my students) of this β€˜flying on an airplane’ analogy.

Other posts last week

  • ​Apples vs Potatoes – work vs. career/lifestyle. One of my favorite stories from my capoeira master.
  • ​Digital Immune System – arguably the most important and sincere post from last week.
  • ​Capoeira as a Philosophy for Life – wow! This is a BIG one. Even if you are not a capoeira practitioner, try to scan this essay quickly to find out why some people are so hooked on capoeira.
  • ​Learn, Practice, Train – the principle I usually emphasize with every student at the beginning of a course.
  • ​Three Pillars (and Two More) – the story I tell every student, usually at the end of a course.
  • ​Check Your Shoes – as I promised in the previous newsletter, we are going to talk about my shoes and yours.



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