Check your shoes

Sometimes we hear phrases such as “Put yourself in my shoes” or “Walk in someone’s shoes”. But have you actually checked your shoes?

A few years ago, in B.C.1 era, I was an active capoeira practitioner. Training a few hours a day, traveling to other cities to take classes.

One day, one of my ankles started to feel weird, painful, and sore. I thought it was an injury and it would get better by itself. But days became weeks, weeks became months. I have already got used to having “sore ankle syndrome”.

Especially in the morning, I couldn’t even step on it and would limp for a half-day until the pain went away. During my training sessions, the pain usually would disappear after a warm-up.

Once I had to go to another country for a business trip. Due to the colder weather in that country, I bought a pair of shoes in a local store. And you can imagine how surprised I was when in the next few days the pain disappeared.

Little things, such as shoes, a low bicycle seat, or having devices in your bedroom, can really impact your health and life dramatically. In a good, or in a bad way.

Review your daily actions, habits, and routines from time to time. You probably started doing them, because they worked for you in the past. But do they work for you now? Do they lead to other actions and results you want to have in your life?

And if you feel that life is bitter and your body is soar, maybe it’s time to “check your shoes”?


1. Before COVID.