Alex Newsletter: on Leadership, duplication, harsh lessons from Ido Portal and Jack Ma

Happy Tuesday!

Here are seven essays I wrote recently. On life, learning, mastery, and capoeira.

Fresh post: Jack Ma’s socks

I used to work at Alibaba, a Chinese and multinational technology conglomerate, for a few years. The founder of the company, Jack Ma, was somewhat of a legend. There was no cult of Jack Ma inside the company, but a high level of respect and appreciation. A lot of stories were passed from mouth to mouth about the ‘labors of Chief Ma,’ or Teacher Ma, as we would call him back then. And one of the stories was about his socks…

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Other posts last week

  • Lessons from Ido Portal – on integrity, professionalism, and excuses. Beware, harsh language is ahead!
  • Identities – how identities can help you or drown you.
  • Placebo & Nocebo effects and how to use them smartly.
  • Stress is good for your health if you believe it’s good for you (scientific research).
  • On Leadership – capoeira community as a disguised leadership academy.
  • Duplication – more interesting question and challenge for a leader is: how to pass the baton of leadership to a new runner? How can we pass on all the stuff we learned in a half-time to the next generation? Even if you do not consider your self a leader, try to read through and understand what is on the other side.

Until next week,

Alex Maltsev
Digital Creator, capoeira teacher, proud father