In the previous post I wrote about leadership and how capoeira acts as s disguised leadership academy. But the next, more interesting question and challenge for a leader is: how to pass the baton of leadership to a new runner? How can we pass on all the stuff we learned in a half-time to the next generation?

This is a tough one. Even if you do not consider your self a leader, try to read through and understand what is on the other side.

“It doesn’t matter what works, it only matters what duplicates”

People and animals naturally imitate and duplicate others. Some leaders are aware of this and they know how to use this power, and some people just don’t understand why things are happening.

Check your resolution. 90% of unwanted behavior will duplicate; 40% of positive behavior will duplicate1. If you are projecting 4K resolution to your followers, expect some of them to get only 1080p and some even less. And when they pass it down the line, the resolution will be even lower.

How to harness the power of duplication to grow your community?

  • Be mindful that you are being watched 100% of the time.
  • Decide ahead of time what culture you want to be duplicated and what are your red lines.
  • Only give attention to the behavior you want to be duplicated.
  • Exterminate negative duplication by taking out all the oxygen.
  • Become as duplicatable as possible as fast as possible.

From day one – by your own example, you are teaching them how to solve problems, how to play, how to sit, how to talk…

But if you are taking care of everything, taking students by the hand, and giving them all the answers – you are growing babies. Learn how to give them more responsibility, time to think and find answers by themselves.

Further reading

1. A common story from school: teacher tells about 10 things; students will hear 6 of them, and remember only 4 of them, and maybe only really understand 2 of them. The percentage and ratio might not be precise, but you get the point.