“God breaks open the heart again and again until it stays open”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

The whole point of doing a big project is to break your heart. It’s not a side effect, it’s the objective. Any big thing you do in your life will break your heart. And breaking the heart is not a bad thing. It’s one of the most profound teachings that we have as a human being.

When you involve yourself in something with a full heart, you really fall in love with this. Like I fell in love with capoeira, fell in love with my students, fell in love with my job.

You start to care about it. Sometimes, maybe too much.

You start to crave more. But always with good intentions. Like an overbearing helicopter parent who hovers over his child out of love, but suffocates the kid with excessive care.

And one day it will break your heart. With a rejection, misunderstanding, or disappointment.

The reasons could be different. Usually it’s hierarchy, money, or free will.

Experiencing a heartbreak can be an emotionally challenging and painful time, but it can also be a powerful learning experience. Some important lessons I learned:

  1. Resilience and Strength: Going through a heartbreak has shown me how resilient I am. It might have felt like the end of the world at first, but as time passes, I’ve discovered a strength within myself that I didn’t know existed.
  2. Self-Discovery: Heartbreak has led to self-reflection. I questioned my values, priorities, and desires. I’m using this time to better understand who I am and what I want from life and relationships.
  3. Appreciation for Relationships: The pain of losing someone has made me appreciate the value of meaningful connections. It’s encouraging me to cherish the positive aspects of my relationships and foster gratitude for the people who are still in my life.
  4. Personal Growth: Heartbreak has been a catalyst for my personal growth. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, leading me to try new things, meet new people, and develop new skills as I rebuild my life.
  5. Forgiveness: Eventually, forgiveness may become an important part of my healing. This doesn’t necessarily mean reconciling with the person who caused the heartbreak, but it’s about letting go of resentment and finding peace within myself.

Healing from a heartbreak takes time, and everyone’s journey is unique. Allow yourself the space to grieve, learn, and grow from the experience. If needed, ask for support from friends, family, or a professional.

But personally, I just want to remind myself again, that heartbreaks are inevitable.

“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature”.

It’s a sign that I have a chance to learn something new again.