We are not iPhones

One of my top lessons of 2022, along with “Apples vs Potatoes“, is this quote – “We Are Not iPhones”. Sometimes less than four simple words can change your perspective on your life and actions.

Busy people have more time. Active people have more energy. The more books you read, the more your learning capacity grows. The more hugs you give, the more love you get. The more energy you put out, the more energy comes in.

We are not iPhones! iPhones are exactly the opposite. The more you use it, the more you have to recharge it. The more stuff you put on it, the slower it gets. Humans are the opposite.

Mestre Cueca

Yes, the truth is very simple, but this iPhone analogy really resonated with me. I’ve eliminated all excuses for practicing, training, reading, and working less. It dawned on me that fatigue, whether physical or psychological, isn’t solely about the hours invested in a task but rather how those hours are spent. Teaching classes for six hours can be incredibly rewarding; yes, it leaves me physically tired, but the happiness it brings allows me to go an extra round of sparring with enthusiasm.

So respect your body-mind-device, but charge it at least 120% every day. Physically, mentally, spiritually. It will only get better.

Two quotes to consider

“Passion is a feeling that follows action. It tends to be created or discovered, not predicted or planned. You don’t find your passion. It finds you as you get in the mix and try things.”

James Clear

“The professional does not wait for inspiration; he acts in anticipation of it.”

Steven Pressfield