Updated June 1, 2024, from my home in Thailand.

Learning Go

After re-learning math intensively with Math Academy and completing “Mathematical Foundations I” in two months, I decided to take a break in May and shift my focus to a new challenge: learning the Go programming language. I am self-taught in HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, and a little bit of Python. I thought it was time to learn a new language and try to create something cool on my own. Following a tip from Derek Sivers, I’m learning with “Let’s Go” by Alex Edwards. I am almost finished with the book, writing code for my first web app, and experimenting with custom modules.

Creating Something Awesome at Wildberries

The end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 were super intense, packed with many projects done simultaneously. It was a good time, but I decided that I would like to devote myself to one project for a while. Currently, I’m working for Wildberries, an e-commerce company, building a platform for Chinese sellers to connect with buyers from seven CIS countries.