Updated February 21, 2024, from my home in Thailand.

(Re)learning math as an adult

For the past few years, I’ve had this negative self-impression that I’m bad with numbers. I wanted to change that for a long time. After reading “How I’m (re)learning math as an adult” by Gabriel Mays, I signed up for Math Academy (thanks to my beautiful wife for this birthday gift!). Half-month through with daily practice – so far so good!

Looking for an editor/proofreader

I’m excited to try to self-publish my first e-book. It’s going to be about capoeira, habits, and life in general. All writing and first-level editing has been done and now I’m looking for an editor/proofreader. If you are this kind of professional or can recommend a friend, please contact me.

50 books challenge: 10 done

Almost every year I try to challenge myself to read 50 books. I don’t remember finishing this challenge before. The closest I got was around 30 books. This year I feel extra motivated. Let’s see how it goes. On average I have to read one book per week, and I’m a slow reader. Currently, I’m reading 4 to 5 books simultaneously: one paperback, one audio, and two or three more on my e-reader.

Check out my post “How to read and learn more” about my approach to mindful reading and taking notes. Also here is a tracker of the books I’m reading now. And some book notes with quotes and ideas for later reflection.

Learning Languages and Mental Models

My daily morning routine now contains 1-hour block, where I use Anki software to review common phrases in Thai and important mental models. I’m also using the “Pimsleur” audio course for daily Portuguese practice (currently on Level 4).