Every morning, right after 15 minutes of meditation I do a breathwork routine. This routine wakes me up completely and sets my mind for the next task of the day (usually it’s journaling or writing).

I never done any research into how breathwork works, and why it works, but it works for me. After a breathwork session, I feel energized and focused. And I guess a big role of it in modern psychotherapy, and more traditional practices like yoga and qigong, also shows its efficiency.

“Imitation is a most natural way of learning”

The breathwork was once mentioned by my favorite capoeira master, Mestre Cueca, in his talks on morning routines. I decided to copy his routine to see what would stick and work for me. Quick search on Youtube gave me a guided breathwork technique by Clark Kegley, a personal coach and youtuber I follow. And I still remember the feeling right after the session – it was amazing. I felt euphoric and peaceful at the same time.

There are plenty of popular breathwork techniques: box breathing, Wim Hof method, full yogic breath. Just try one and see if it makes you stronger and centered.

Don’t copy blindly.
Observe, imitate, try things out.
Leave only what works for you and drop everything else.
Make your own style.