Água Demais Mata a Planta

A reminder to myself.

I consider myself an intense person. Some people might say I’m crazy about capoeira. In fact, I’m crazy at whatever I do.

In the beginning, I used to think that everyone had to be like me, had to be intense. Today I know that not everyone is like me. I accept people the way they are, but they have to accept me the way I am.

A good master knows which kind of sand paper to use for the refinement. Choose an extra coarse grain, and you might destroy the material. Choose the ultra-fine grit, and you might waste time and see no improvement.

There is a fine line where you want to lead and inspire people with your characteristics, but there is a point where they cannot relate to you anymore, or you give them an excuse to think that they cannot develop to the level that you have.

“Água demais mata a planta” – too much water kills the plant.

Personal development is often not about adding but about taking out. Some teachers need to remove a lot until they become something others can relate to.